Anabol side effects and dangers of use

Anabol side effects and dangers of use

Anabol is a common name of an anabolic androgenic steroid a variation of male sex hormone testosterone. It is used in oral form with very low androgenic characteristics. It increases nitrogen in the cells which is essential in muscle growth. The more the nitrogen muscles hold the more rapidly strength and size of them and more proteins to build the cells. It even repairs the muscle.

The recommended dosage as an oral Anabol will be 25 – 50 mg per day and 50 – 150 mg per week as an injectable for men to attain positive effects.  This drug is not safe for women and children so it is never recommended to them. Even patients of High blood pressure, breast cancer, respiratory problems, kidney and liver damages or any other severe health conditions should avoid the intake.

Side effects:

The negative effects of these injections are not guaranteed but it may be possible. The most important one was the temporary suppression of testosterone levels so a supplement is recommended along with Anabol intake. Without supplement, shrinking of testicles also happen and can come to normal when the dosage of Anabol is stopped.  It also causes high blood pressure and water retention in the body.  Sometimes nose bleeding also occurs while using this steroid. Oily skin and acne is a common side effect. Liver toxicity will be a concern so it needs to be frequently verified by a health expert. Excess water retention and bloating is also caused some times.

Dangers of Abusing Anabol:

Anabol is an effective steroid when it is respected in its recommended dosage and all side effects can be avoided. However if it is abused, it can cause serious side effects.  This steroid increases LDL cholesterol and decreases HDL which inturn causes dangerous cardiovascular risk. It also causes high blood pressure and the combination of both increases risk of heart attack when steroid gets abused.

It also causes changes in appearance like thinning of hair, oily scalp and baldness in both men and women. It causes growth of chest and shrinking of testicles exclusively in men. And in women excessive hair growth and deepening of voice is caused when abused.

It causes extreme mood swings as the use of steroids is linked directly to emotional state. Abuse of the drug causes nervousness, depression and sometimes causes suicidal tendencies.  Aggression and violent outbursts are also the result of the abuse.

Anabol sometimes causes yellowing of the skin and eyes called jaundice. In teens the abuse of this drug causes growth disorders. They suffers with impaired growth and be short in later life. The temporary side effects may become permanent if the drug is continuously abused.

To avoid any such adverse effects on body while using steroids like anabol is to maintain a healthy life style. Eating healthy food with all nutrients like omega-3 and doing workout daily will keep the blood pressure and cholesterol levels to normal. It is also advised not to consume alcohol when taking steroids to avoid liver damages.

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