Best Accounting software in Singapore: Million Software by Rockbell

Good accounting software helps you deal with monetary transactions and creates a way for excellent customer service. The more organized your business is, the better you will be at handling your clients. Million software by Rockbell is the best accounting software in singapore. Excels at accurate calculations in seconds; this easy-to-use software has a user-friendly interface.

Rockbell is one of the most trusted companies and has had its roots in the market for almost three decades. It develops the┬ábest accounting software in Singapore, which is Government approved, and you can easily access it anytime and anywhere. Also, it provides 24*7 support, and you don’t have to pay any yearly subscription to use it.

Some of the best features of million accounting software that make it the best business manager are-

  • You can quickly generate your business reports and find an accurate picture of the well-being of your business.
  • The GST-ready software can efficiently deal with the different tax slabs and save you from long and tedious calculations that can sometimes be overwhelming.
  • It reconciles the bank statements with few clicks and leaves no room for the cashbook and passbook mismatch.
  • It is automatic and e-invoice ready, which gives you more freedom to focus on increasing your sales and not the paperwork.
  • The critical feature of inventory management aids you in stocking up on the goods your client needs, resulting in better customer service.
  • You can quickly expand your business outside your country’s boundaries without worrying about the conversion issue, as it converts the money into your client’s currencies automatically.